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Recommended reads for Nursery and Reception children

Please find below appropriate books for children in the Early Years Foundation stage.


The extracts are from the website 'Love Reading 4 Kids' http://www.lovereading4kids.co.uk/ which is a superb site available for parents and teachers.

On the site they offer extracts from all types of books for all ages plus lots more.

Here I have selected my own 'Book of the Month' for you.


March Book of The Month

Lulu Loves Shapes

April Book Of The Month

Fergall Is Fuming

May Book of The Month

The Spots and The Dots

June Book Of The Month

Most Wonderful Gift in the World

July Book of The Month

Problem with Pierre

August Book Of The Month


September Book of The Month

The Barnabus Project

October Book Of The Month

The World Made a Rainbow

November Book of The Month

Snow Ghost

December Book Of The Month

Santa Jaws

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