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Burnley Road Academy was devasted by floods on 9th February 2020. Our building was closed for the forseeable future and we were based at Unit 11 Moderna Business Park, Mytholmroyd, HX75QQ.

Below is information from that period and the previous flooding in 2015:

Flood Management - Post 9th February 2020 Flood

Drop-off and pick-up guidance - 22nd February 2020 UPDATE

Drop-off and pick-up arrangements/guidance for the new school site:

Driving route- entry to the Business Park is by the main entrance near the Cricket Club end of the park. If you need to park, there are 2 options:

Option 1 - cars should be parked in the main car park as you enter the site and then walk down the road down the side of the park or through the middle of the park (near Playtopia) Please take care as there are no pavements along this road.

Option 2 - there are 12 parking spaces directly outside our school- if these are used, parents must park, drop-off immediately, then depart so that others can use the spots. These parking slots are not for LONG-TERM parking.


Walking route- ideally entering the site from the opposite end of the park is encouraged. The site is accessible either by a short walk from The White Lion pub, under the bridge/road by the canal, passed Bridgecraft Furniture unit (NOTE:THIS IS THE ONLY PART OF THE ROUTE WITHOUT A PAVEMENT), onto the pavement in the Moderna site, and along to school.

When arriving at school, to stop congestion, we will let children into the school from 8.40am in the morning. Please note there is not areas to wait if arriving before this time.


Pupils can either come in through the playground end of the school or by the rear door (see map).

 At the end of the school day:

Children from Year 1 and 2 will leave the building by the rear door at 3pm. Parents for these classes should wait at the top end of the school.

Nursery and Reception will exit from the playground end of the school at 3pm, parents should wait in the playground from 2.55pm.

Years 3 and 4 will leave by the rear door at 3.10pm. Parents for these classes should wait at the side of the top end of the school.

Years 5 and 6 - if children have parental permission to walk home alone, they will congregate in our hall at 3.10pm. We will then walk with them along the walking route (as stated above) until reaching The White Lion side of the road, where they will continue their journey alone.

Any Year 5 and 6 pupils being collected by parents will exit via the playground side of the building and parents should wait in the playground area.


As you will understand, we are now situated in a different environment from our usual school site. It would be useful to go over road safety with your child and to always be vigilant when on the Business Park. Hold younger childrens’ hands and keep them close.  Obviously, the park is used by various business vehicles such as cars, vans and lorries.

New Site News- 20th February 2020 UPDATE

It has been a busy 8 days since our last update: we've had electricians, plumbers, joiners and other workmen working around the clock at the new site. On top of this, we have had inspections from Heath and Safety team and the Fire Regulations team to check on the building. Teachers and staff were in today starting to sort out classrooms and it certainly is starting to look like a school!! By this time tomorrow it will look fantastic!

We are very happy to say that, unless something unforseen happens in the next few days, we are confident that we can welcome our children back in on Monday!

We will give you a full update and information about access to and from the school over the weekend.

Please note: for next week only we shall be offering packed lunches for children. We will return to serving hot dinners the following week.

Thank you again for your understanding and patience.



WE have been working hard over the last few days on securing an appropriate site for ALL our pupils to stay together whilst the repairs to the Academy building are being done. Our aim was to find a suitable building which would be large enough for our 230 children to continue their Burnley Road journey together, enabling their education to grow with the least disruption and to have a fun experience they will remember. As you can probably appreciate, this task has not been easy.

To achieve this, we have acquired a large unit on the Moderna Business Park in Mytholmroyd which had already been divided into classroom sized rooms. Work is currently underway to ensure fittings and fixtures are suitable for all our children, no matter what age or year group they are in. Staff will be working next week during the holidays to make classrooms ready for children.

If everything goes to plan, we hope that children can start at the new site on Monday 24th February.

We understand that there may be lots of questions about the new arrangement and we will try to keep you informed on how things are going.

Thank you for your patience and understanding so far and, please feel assured, we have the welfare, happiness and education of all our children at the forefront of our plans.


We are very sorry to inform parents and pupils that, due to the level of damage in school from the flooding, we will not be open for the rest of this week.

It will take a long time to dry and refurbish the school and work begins tomorrow in restoring our school.

We are in the process of arranging alternative accommodation and will let you know about this ASAP.

Sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.    


Boxing Day 2015 Floods

Our Situation following the Devastating Floods

Friday 2nd September 2016

smileyAlmost Ready!  smiley

Lots of boxes have been unpacked and resources have been moved into classrooms.

There are some kitchen issues so ALL CHILDREN WILL NEED A PACKED LUNCH NEXT WEEK, but other than that we will be ready to re-open for children on WEDNESDAY 7th SEPTEMBER. Hurrah!!

30th August 2016

This week the decorators are touching up the paintwork, the hall floor is being sanded and the kitchen is being fitted.  Most carpets are in place - just the Foundation Stage Unit and corridors to be completed this week. It has been a very busy day. The ICT department have been in school setting up the internet and Wifi systems. Some of our Whiteboards, notice boards and wall cupboards have been put in today. Our furniture is being delivered. Teachers, the caretaker and cleaner have also been in school today to receive (and help unload) four lorry loads of school resources. There are now mountains of boxes in every area and people are dancing round each other. It felt great when we managed to unpack some of our reading books and put them in the library.

25th August 2016

The school has been painted and carpets are being fitted but the building is still not completely ready.

We have been told we can have access from Tuesday 30th August.

17th August 2016

News from the site meeting today - the school refurbishment will not be ready until 25th August.

However, we have been assured that we will still be able to re-open on 7th September.

6th July 2016

Click here to read the Halifax Courier article about the progress which has been made, since the flooding.

9th June 2016

We are still recovering from the floods that took place on Boxing Day 2015. Our own building is being refurbished and will not be finished until 19th August. We are based at two different sites. Our Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 are working at Savile Park School, at Heath in Halifax. Children and staff travel six miles there and back on school buses from Mytholmroyd to Halifax every day. Key Stage 2 pupils are working in the sixth form block at Calder High School in Mytholmroyd. We have been very lucky to be welcomed by two fantastic schools.

Many Thanks

Almost all of our furniture and resources were damaged by contaminated flood water and had to be disposed of. Luckily, we use the government RPA scheme in place of insurance and they have been very helpful ensuring everything we lost will be replaced. This is an ongoing process. In the meantime we would like to thank our parents,  all the schools and other organisations that donated money and resources to help us get up and running straight away. We were very pleased that KS1 did not miss any school days, KS2 only missed one day and the nursery children had an extra week at home whilst we organised their classroom, coach and car seats. Thank you to everyone who gave up their Christmas holidays to help us get set up so quickly - our wonderful staff, our brilliant parents, fantastic volunteers and dedicated members of Calderdale Local Authority. 

Memories of the Flood

Flood water inside our main entrance area on 26th December 2015.

Outside the Foundation Unit.

Flood water lying in our Foundation Stage outdoor area.

Some of the damaged furniture and resources on the muddy playground.

Year 3 after the flood damaged carpets, furniture and plaster had been stripped out.

The information sections below were created during and after the flood.

Unfortunately, the latest floods in the Calder Valley have had an impact on Burnley Road Academy. Just like many homes in Mytholmroyd and near by towns, water has risen to flood the classrooms, rooms and offices on the ground floor. It has also left debris and mud around the building in the playgrounds and walk ways.

We will do our upmost to get the Academy back to a working condition for our pupils.

Please regularly check here for any updates on our situation as we will try to keep parents and friends as informed as possible. 


From Monday children at Savile Park will be provided with a school packed lunch prepared by Burnley Road kitchen staff. If you do not want a school packed lunch please contact Mrs Finnegan on our temporary mobile number 07840989326. 

From Wednesday children at Calder High can have a school lunch. This will be cooked and served by Burnley Road kitchen staff at Calder High. We aim to follow our usual menu. Please order and send in dinner money on Monday. Thank you.

Children seem to be having fun and enjoying their new locations. Thanks to all our families for their co-operation and patience. Thank you to Savile Park and Calder High for a warm welcome and lots of support. 


A few people have queried how to get to the 6th Form Block at Calder High. We hope this map and guidance helps.