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Summer 2

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This half term Year 1 are learning all about the Seaside! We have already started looking at the story 'Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. We love this story! We have been designing our own meals for Mr Grinling as Mrs Grinling has gone on holiday! In History we have started to look at the first aeroplane flight!

Here are some of the photographs so far ...

Seaside topic so far ... on PhotoPeach

Here is a short video from Espresso all about the Seaside.




We had Jode Sheriffe a Rugby Coach from Rugger Ratz come into school for a taster session! The children loved all the different activities that they had to do! Here are some photographs.

Rugby training! on PhotoPeach

Quick reminder - It is Year 1H's assembly on Tuesday 23rd June at 9:15am.

Here are some more photographs from our Julia Donaldson topic!

More of Julia Donalson ... on PhotoPeach

Summer 1

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This half term Year 1 are going to be learning all about Julia Donaldson. We will be looking at lots of different stories that Julia Donaldson has written. We will also be looking at the different illustraters that have drawn the pictures for her stories. The children will be completing lots of art work relating to different Julia Donaldson books. Here are some of the photographs so far ...

Julia Donaldson so far . . . on PhotoPeach


We will also be joined by Ash who is an Artist. He will be working with the Hedgehog class in the run up to St George's day.

St George's Day! on PhotoPeach


Over the next few weeks the Hedgehog class and a few from the Caterpillar class will be completing Change4life programme where they will be learning all about healthy eating and exercising.

In June the children will be taking part in the Phonics Screening where they will be tested on all the different sounds that we have been working on since Reception. Please keep practising all the sounds within your homework book or use websites. We recommend www.phonicsplay.com which is a fantastic site where some of the resources are free or you can sign up.

Last half term Key Stage One went to Blackpool Zoo! We had a fantastic day and the children behaved very well. Here are some of the photogrpahs!

Blackpool Zoo! on PhotoPeach


Spring 2

This half term Year 1's topic will be Castles, Dragons and Fairy tales! The children will be looking at lots of different traditional tales from our culture and from others. We have already celebrated Chinese New Year!

On Friday it is World Book Day! So keep an eye out for the photographs!

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An early Pancake day! Year 1 spent the afternoon making pancakes! We had lots of fun!

An early Pancake day! on PhotoPeach


Spring 2015

The DINOSAURS have landed in Year 1. The children are really enjoying learning all about dinosaurs! They have been exploring the dinosaur dig area where they have been palaeontologists digging up bones. Here are some of the photographs that we have taken so far!

Dinosaur World! on PhotoPeach

Last week we had a visit from Wilma and learnt all about how to care for dogs properly. We also learnt how to approach dogs that we do not know. Have a look at some of the pictures with Wilma!

Wilma the dog! on PhotoPeach

The Hedgehog class have been exploring the large apparatus during PE lessons. They have been practising climbing safely up the large apparatus and jumping off and some of the children have been keen to learn how to do a bridge and the splits!

Large apparatus! on PhotoPeach


The class assembly for the hedgehog class will be on the 3rd of February and NOT the 3rd of March now!

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Christmas in Year 1

We have had a few VERY busy weeks in Year 1! You can have a look at what we have been up to!

Christmas in Year 1 on PhotoPeach

Father Christmas came to visit us and he even had a little gift for everyone!

Father Christmas came to visit! on PhotoPeach

We also had our KS1 production of Little Angel gets her wings! The children were fantastic and all sang and spoke brilliantly!

Little Angel gets her wings! on PhotoPeach

Have a lovely Christmas and we will see you all in the New Year!

Merry Christmas!



Autumn 2 - 2014

Welcome Back! I hope you all have had a fantastic week off and spent lots of time outside in the sunshine!

Our next topis is 'Countdown to Christmas!' where we will be beginning our Chirstmas nativity rehearsals. Our Christmas Nativity will be on Tuesday 16th December, there will be an afternoon show and an evening performance. We will also be looking at homes and houses that we live in. We will be going on a walk around Mytholmroyd to see all the different types of houses that we may find.

It will be Hedgehogs' class bun day on Friday 21st November where we will supply buns for the rest of the school. The money raised will then go towards our School Trip.

The Caterpillar class will be showcasing their work in a class assembly on Tuesday 2nd December at 9:15. They will show some of the work that they have been doing and it is a chance for parents to also have a look.

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Autumn 2014

Welcome back we have a lovely topic this half term "If you go down to the woods today!" based on Percy the park Keeper stories and our science unit.  We will be visiting our nature trail to identify different local trees and their seeds and will be organising a local visit for a mini beast hunt.  We all get really excited about this unit and the children find out lots of information about our local environment.

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Caterpillar class have been enjoying discovering their new class.


The children have had a lot of fun exploring their new classroom. Here are some pictures for you to have a look inside their new classroom!

Exploring our new classroom! on PhotoPeach


We went on a Nature Walk looking for different types of trees. We then made a tally chart which will be displayed in the corridor. Enjoy looking at the Hedgehogs journey!

Woodland Walk on PhotoPeach

Summer 2014

We have lots of topic work to get through this half term on really exciting subjects such as the football world cup and the Tour de France so hopefully the children will have fun.  Once we have got over the sports themed weeks we will be looking at oceans and seas through our literacy and art and DT work.

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This is a very short half term but we have lots of exciting work to fit in.  The children in year one have already planted broad beans and we will be keeping a diary of their growth and finding out what are the best conditions for the beans to grow.  We will also be making our own fruit salads and tasting new and unusual fruit and vegetables.

Remember it is our class assembly on Tuesday May 20th at 9.10am.

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Spring 2014

Wecome back and a happy new year.  We have started our aliens topic already and the children are really enjoying it.  Here are a few photos of day one of the alien invasion of class one!




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Autumn two

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Welcome to the Keystage one page.  

Autumn two

We have been looking at old and new toys this half term and have decided we prefer our nice new toys!  Class one have performed their class assembly to family and friends which was very successful. We are now concentrating on our Christmas production and will be practising hard over the next few weeks.




We have begun this year with a really exciting science topic on forces.  The children have enjoyed investigating pushes and pulls and are now beginning to find out which surfaces toy cars can travel the furthest. 



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